A discussion regarding the elements of visual style, cinematography & narration in the works of director Wes Anderson.

The term ‘auteur’ originated in the French magazine, ‘Cahiers du Cinéma’. It was coined by François Truffaut, who “viewed authorship in terms of literal authority, of power, and placed as much emphasis…

Why are these movies important, and what do they tell us about film?

Humans love to tell stories, and this has enabled visual storytelling to become a hallmark of modern-day society.

Film is an incredibly illustrative medium. Using various elements of film and distinctive techniques, this is a medium that…

Salt-N-Pepa Vevo

Salt-n-Pepa sang about it, and today we’re going to talk about it. Sex.

Sex is for everyone, and everyone wants to have an enjoyable and safe time engaging in it, so why isn’t contemporary media telling us that? Why is it that the only sexual representation of women we see…

Georgia Cameron-Dow

A comprehensive sample of work from a local Queensland communications student.

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